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​​​​​​​Have you ever been out somewhere, watching people dance together and thought “Wow, I wish I knew some of those moves.” Or maybe you thought, “I wish I was more confident about my dancing, I would really like to dance with them: I wish I knew how.”

Whether we  want to admit it or not, most of us have had those thoughts and have listened to that voice that kept ourselves from having FuN: That's one reason why CrGrooves was created. Sometimes all we need is someone to help us out of our shell. Sometimes it's easier to learn behind the scenes, so then we can feel more confident about being part of the dancing crowd! 

​          Line Dancing 

          CrGrooves provides complete anonymity, so don't be shy!!

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Country Line Dance Studio CrGrooves is located at 20 Colwell Street Port Hadlock, Washington 98339 Line Dance Classes, Group Dance Lessons, Couples Dance Lessons, Private Setting, Port Hadlock, Wa