​​Most Country based restaurants/bars will offer classes, some will even be free to the public. Charity always encourages you to go, have fun while blending in! Then again, not everyone wants to learn in front of half of the towns’ people. Charity gets it! She’s been there, which is why she started CrGrooves Line Dancing. She listened to her students and hopes that by offering a more private place to dance, people will be more inclined to step out of their comfort zone to learn. 

All of the classes offered by CrGrooves are geared toward training muscles, memory, and heart-health. ​Line Dancing is a unique form of exercise because it not only provides the heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercises, but it also allows you to engage in a social activity by dancing with family/friends...come join us!

Are you having a party and want to wow your friends with some dance moves? Is  there some kind of group event (Birthday, Wedding, Company meeting/picnic) you’re attending ( or even in charge of ) and you want

to have fun dancing? Contact us we'd love to help!

Line Dancing

Ms. Charity in action during a review session of one of her public classes: The first dance shown is called The West Coast Shuffle and it can be danced to the song Boots On by Randy Houser...along with other songs.

Maybe you're just looking for a new workout routine? One that elevates the heart rate while burning some serious calories? Line Dancing does just that and CrGrooves offers interval routines of line dances done not only in our region, but also world wide. 

The second dance in the video is the Water Melon Crawl. Danced to the title song by Tracy Byrd.
Note: The Little girl in video is going to melt your heart at the 1 minute mark. She got so excited when she was told the Water Melon Crawl was next line dance to be reviewed. 
Ms. Charity says, "Her reaction is exactly why I do what I do - So Blessed!"

Public Events Hosted by CrGrooves Three Times a Month Go To Our Events Page For Details


 Charity Says:  By incorporating line dancing into my cardio routine, I sky-rocketed my goals - weight loss and otherwise. I found that not only was I boosting my heart rate and losing weight, but I was also breaking the patterns of binge eating and solitude. I slowly started feeling more confident about myself and even began volunteering within my local community. Over the years I have found that offering complete anonymity to my clients is important - it's why people come to me. I've helped countless people give up their two left feet...maybe I can help you with yours! Don't be shy, join in one of our lesson - now!

​​​​​​      ​                        Why the interest in Line Dancing you ask? 

Well, Charity started her weight loss journey in 2003... and to date, she has lost and kept off more than 150lbs...YES...ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS LOST!! Sure she enjoyed taking Zumba classes at the gym and a good hike/long walk with her dogs is always something she makes time for, but after stumbling into one of the local Country Line Dancing Bars she discovered a passion for line dancing...BIG TIME! 

       After taking classes and dancing for a few years, Charity found herself personally petitioned to begin teaching for various establishments and non-profits. She began to realize that there's a lot of people who want to learn, but they can't make it to the one hour the one day a week the class is offered. So, after being asked repeatedly by her students if she offered private classes. She decided to become a social entrepreneur by opening up her schedule to teach: Check out the Event Page for details on our next line dancing event!     

Country Line Dance Studio CrGrooves is located at 20 Colwell Street Port Hadlock, Washington 98339 crgrooves@yahoo.com Line Dance Classes, Group Dance Lessons, Couples Dance Lessons, Private Setting, Port Hadlock, Wa